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Want to get your hearing aids ready for use? Learn how to clean and maintain your hearing aid. 

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Help your loved one hear better

When someone starts losing their hearing, it has a big impact on their lives. But it also impacts the lives of those closest to them. People like you.

Help your loved one

Hearing for Life. Don’t let hearing loss limit you

Every year, 3rd March is celebrated as World Hearing Day to raise awareness on hearing loss and promote hearing care across the world.

At GN, we believe, that addressing hearing loss is the best way to get back on the road to feeling confident and enjoying the sound around you.

Let’s spread hearing awareness by joining the first virtual hearing awareness run - “World Hearing Day Challenge”. Let people with hearing loss know that they are not alone and they should not let hearing loss limit them. So run with us and help people hear more!

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What is hearing?

It is something most of us take for granted.

Hearing is essential to:





Be entertained

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It helps keep us safe and aware in our environment

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What is hearing loss?

Put simply, hearing loss is a decrease in how well your loved can hear. It can occur suddenly or gradually depending on the cause.

And while hearing loss can affect anyone at any time, it is most commonly related to the aging process.


466 Million

people have disabling hearing loss1

1. WHO. Deafness and hearing loss. 2018. Available at: https://bit.ly/2EkhpiG (Last accessed: February 19, 2019)

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10 years

People wait an average of
10 years to seek diagnosis2

2. Shield, B. Evaluation of the Social and Economic Costs of Hearing Impairment (2019)

With your help, it could be a different story for your loved one.

Hearing loss affects a vital part of their lives – their interactions with other people. And dealing with hearing loss can be overwhelming, especially if they are also preoccupied with the effects of aging.

Most people wait as long as an average of 10 years before getting help with their hearing loss. Taking a simple online hearing test might encourage a loved one to visit a hearing care professional.

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Do you suspect someone in your family or your close friend is losing their hearing?

Three easy steps to help your loved one hear better

Take a hearing test

It only takes 5 minutes to measure whether your loved one might have hearing loss.

Choose the best hearing aid for your loved one

There’s a hearing aid type that best fits your loved one’s needs and lifestyle

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